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2005-02-26 02:00:21 (UTC)

A Dark Path To Light

January 18, 2005

A Dark Path To Light

Dark light flickering behind bright eyes
Blood on breath
Flame in veins
A sequestered realm in where heavy secrets lie
Drenched in sweat
A reach from sane

A raging touch from gentle hand placed, featherly, upon a
waiting grave
Hearth violence stoked to fury as a soul prays aloud,
pleading to be saved

A tear from a bud to rose blossom fallen heavily into rain
And eyes do but shut hard for the feel of it
For the pleasure
For the pain

Pillars bowed by a stolid waters crash
Secrets divulged
An innocence lost
Tortures, throughout a stormy night last
Honesty lulled
Humility tossed

A wing upon which to fly
A soul seeking a place of rest
An eye broken by fervid sigh
All inside needing be confessed

A glove enheld blade worked with an obscene lust for the
A blood torrent rush
How much more must be spilled

A scream rips the midnight sky as a lightning bolts flash
A hand clenches in fury as two souls spend their last
A set of eyes open wide as another set close as tight
And a heap of dead flesh hits the floor as the soul
At last
Takes to flight

Craig E. Raboteau

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