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2005-02-26 01:59:44 (UTC)

Please, Keep Shut The Door

February 15, 2005

Please, Keep Shut The Door

Like the silence of a black hole's light
Such destuction found behind empty words
A shallow scream
Betrayal's hollow pools
A void turned in upon itself Where all enarea are consumed

Necromatic solutions to a life learned fear;

"Oh, please!"
"Do not hurt me!"
"I can take the hurt, no more!"

Dealt from me to you

The scenerio;
Having been turned all around...
An eye blinds an eye
A tooth grinds a tooth
And, this is how we propose to live our "safer lives"

Close the door on possibilities
Ensure that I hurt you before you hurt me
I may not risk it
I cannot
Living is not worth the risk

I shall not be ignored
I shall ignore
I shall not know your pain though I cause it
And, I shall save myself your betrayal by allowing none my
None shall hear my word, and
Grant me that I may
I shall die a lonely "man"
Dear God,
I am safer behind my prison walls than you behind your

And, I shall tell no secrets
And, your candlel-ight shall not woo me
No heat shall burn here
No flame

Fire is a flame
Fire can burn
I shall not be burned
I cannot take the risk
Warmth is not worth the risk and, so, I shall not take it

I am cold
I am safe
Never warm yet, still, afraid
So afraid


How tight must I shut my closet door?

I am so afraid

Craig E. Raboteau