Elizabeth M.
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2005-02-26 01:54:24 (UTC)


I feel so alone... All these people are coming over to the
house to visit to make sure that everyone is fine. My
sister broke down tonight. My mom has already broke down. I
feel so alone, My sisters friends have come by and my moms
and my dads, I have no one. I have pushed everyone that I
have cared about away in my life. I just keep on thinking
how alone I am. Am I going to crack? I cried a couple of
times but not like how I should. I miss having someones
loving arms around me and hold me. I need that comfort and
I don't have it right now. When ever something was
bothering me I would turn to my dad and he would just hug
me and talk to me, especially when it came to guys.
I made arrangements with My Rev. that I grew up with and
he will be there. I always told my parents that if I ever
got married that I would want that Rev. that I grew up with
to marry me. It will be good to see the Rev. again.
I wrote to Mark asking him to come to the service for me
to help me but I am unsure if he will come,it just seems
that all of the men in my life that I have dated have never
been there for me and I don't know why?
I miss Mark so much!!!!!! I wish he was here!!! But I know
that I have to come to grips and let him go,.. I am always
hoping that he would come back to me in the back of my
mind. I just feel so lonely and Lost. It would be good if I
could talk to someone who has gone threw this before like
Mark, I think he could help me threw this trouble time I am

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