you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2005-02-25 23:37:29 (UTC)

marc hates me.

So Marc called my mother today and made it clear that
-he is doing everthing he can to keep me from communicating
with andrew
-andrew is going directly to boarding school after his

so it's obvious that marc definately thinks that i had a
lot to do with what has been going on.

the optimisim I have been running on the last week and a
half has officially died out. there is no reason to even
pretend that i will spend any decent amount of time with
andrew until he graduates. or even hardly talk to him, not
for months...

by the time we are together again, our childhood love will
have faded. thinking that we will stay together when we
don't even get to talk is just a fucking joke. who knows,
maybe we will always be in love... no, i know i will always
be in love with him, but it just won't work out, so i'm
really done pretending.

i'm trying to build my friends up around me so i don't
fall. right now i'm looking at morgan, brent, kristina, and
chris to pull me through this. i'm going to let them know.
and i'm definately getting a job because that is the only
thing that will get me out of the house.

i wonder how marc will react when i call him to get the
rest of my stuff from his house? lol.