cuncerns of my heart
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2005-02-25 23:01:39 (UTC)

candy clouds of lullaby

well taday, chris was tellin me ta stop singin an i was
like well when music is all ya got that keeps u alive in
this world, i think i can sing. then i jus causally
mentione-sides my phyciatrist says more music will do me
good. an everyone who heard was like, u see phyciatrist?
an i was like yea....... an then they wanted ta no y so i
jus said that i had problems an chris was like ya sure
dont act like it. an i almost busted out laughin...ya see,
thats wut im all about. not lettin people see that YEA i
do have problems, an yea im on medication, an yea i see a
phyciatrist. but when i do they neva believe me an if they
do they always think im ok the next day cuz i smile an
laugh. but they dont realize...........i was smilin an
laughin when i wasnt ok too.