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2005-02-25 22:54:00 (UTC)

you've never had a peanut butter and bannana sandwhich?!

i almost had to get out of bed last night to write because
there were 10 gazillion thoughts going through my head. I'm
so stressed! college, adam, school, family, blah, blah,
blah...I called adam the other night and him and scodt were
drinking.. it was TOO funny! scodt was in the background
rambling on about the craziest things, confessing his love
for adam then me, ok i gotta tell what he said to
me: "Adam... give me the phone,... I wanna tell Michelle I
love her. Michelle?! I just wanted to tell you I love
you.." "thanks scodt." "No.. No, I really LOVE you, your
the coolest girl I've eeevvveerr met.." "thanks scodt that
means alot" "Yeah, i know... you know what sounds really
good right now?! a peanut butter and jelly
sandwhich" "awww... scodt, peanut butter and bannana is so
much better" "Peanut butter and bannana? i've never ate
that" "you should, Elvis used to eat them all the
time" "Really? Elvis?" "yeah, it was his favorite" "wow...
I gotta piss here's adam"
Adam: "hi" Me: " that has to rank in the top 3 strangest
conversations i ever had" "yeah, sounded that way from my
end, i heard something about bannanas?" "yeah scodt's never
had a peanut butter and bannana sandwhich before!" "Scodt!
you've never had a peanutbutter and bannana sandwhich
before?! they were Elvis' favorite!!" scodt in astonished
voice: "Yeah... I know..."
there was more to Scodt and i's conversation, it really did
get weirder, but that was the funny part. I talked to adam
for about an hour that night, it was really cool. i still
don't think that he's interested in me for more than a
friend, but i guess that's ok. I'm going to Jersey this
summer anyway, it's probably better not to be involved with
anyone, we'll just have to break up b/c i'm not comming
back here... ever. But it would be cool to have him out
there with me. (slap) no! don't think like that! you don't
need anyone else to make you whole.

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