Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
2005-02-25 21:57:04 (UTC)

Yes and No**poem**

Yes I lied to you
Yes. I hurt you
Yes. I disobeyed

Yes. You have always hurt me
Yes. You always lie to me
Yes. I deliberately disobeyed you.

No. I don’t act like I love you
No. I don’t care about you
No. I am not a good kid.

No. You don’t act like you love me
No. You never seem to care about me
No. you have never encouraged me.

Yes. I am a good writer
Yes. I talk about you constantly
No. I am not perfect
Yes. You know my pain. Or so you say you do
Yes. I talk about you because you give me something to
Yes. You wish I was perfect. Then Maybe I wouldn’t be so
messed up

No. I am not a mishap.
No. I am not happy.
No. I never wanna hear you lie again.
Yes. You think I shouldn't be here
Yes. You think I am happy when I really am depressed.
Yes. You lie to me all the time. and make promises you
can't even keep.