Tomorrow...there's no time for today
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2005-02-25 20:12:36 (UTC)

Five sneezes

Just today.
It's almost three; I should eat lunch. Bah. Who needs
I am so bored:
I may as well tell a story.
This story is my favorite one, and we call it, "The
Football Game" story.
So, I was at this football game. We concert band geeks are
required to go to at least one for our first term. So, I'm
clutching the school's (oh, how I wish it were mine)
Marching Trombone. Man, do I love that thing. It's so
shiny, and it's just a beautiful instrument. Low brass
So, I kind of scurried inside. I prayed nobody would see
me. I'm kind of afraid of the rest of the band. They're
pretty intimidating as a whole. So, I scurried in with my
case and proceeded to assemble the thing. I realized I had
no music, and frantically began searching for B. She had
music I could read. Well, I don't remember if I found her.
I remember standing next to the cold brick of the school,
and clutching the instrument like it was the only thing
keeping me alive. Then, Jon of the band *magically*
appears, along with a group of people, including some guy
I didn't know. Instantly fascinated by someone who
wouldn't right off the bat assume I was a too-talkative
nutjob, I joined in the group. (How unlike me!) Then, I
found myself against the brick again, and the random guy
was asking about my instrument. I proceeded to explain how
over-protective I was (am) of it, and then talked his ear
off and he died. Actually, we ended up talking. A lot. I
don't really remember a lot of what he said. He was very
quiet. I think he was in shock, from what I've heard, of
my evidently-gorgeous face.So I flirted a bit (How unlike
me! Well, actually....not. But, I only flirt with close
friends. So, how unlike me!) and magically we were at the
football game. We talked some more, and he was sitting
with random friends (probably Darleen) and I was sitting
on the stand below him. Somehow, I had gotten from the top
stand to there. I believe I was assisted by an attempt to
bodily move me from my boyfriend. Ugh. So I got all pissy
and I think I yelled at him. Anyway, I ended up there.
Then, magically, Harvest (the random guy...I love his
name!!! Harvest Breeze. mmm.) was sitting next to me. No
clue how he got there. So then, I attempted to fake
playing some stand songs (It's awfully hard to sight read
on an instrument you've only been playing 3 months from
behind a trombone player) by playing straight B flats in
the right rhythm. So then magically it was halftime
show...time. And Magical Harvest-boy was on the field, and
I cheered for him (he didn't hear me) and Kelly, and a
buncha other people. Before that, during a break between
songs, B had leaned up to me and whispered "Hey, you know
if the new boy is dating Darcy?" and, being the obvious
person I am, I asked straight out, recieved a No, and
turned right to B and told front of him. Smooth,
I know XD. So back to after-halftime...I randomly appeared
in front of New-boy Harvest, and ended talking about him
cooking pancakes in a skirt. Nice conversation topic, huh?
Well, I nicely complimented him by telling him he had the
right build for a skirt.So we talked some more, and I was
being bold (and almost drunk, in a fashion: being around
the marching band does that to me) and told him that I'd
totally date him, if I didn't have this lame boyfriend.
(Who was a really bad boyfriend. Seriously. I can't
believe I stuck with him for 10 months.) So he
replied, "Well, we should fix that." So I told him to stay
right there, or I'd die if he was gone when I came back,
and promptly 'fixed' the situation. I then proceeded to
ask Harvest if he'd date me, and if I could hug him
please. So I recieved a Yes and a Yes and proceeded to
give him a non-air hug (hate those air hugs). Then I
wiggled the rest of the night, and he was very quiet. I
think he was still in shock. I met the infamous Dan, and
then proceeded to go back to the school so I could see
what kind of real-people clothes he wore. And he did have
very nice "fashion" sense. Nice long black baggy shorts
(Hairy hobbit legs!) and a black t-shirt. :) And we lived
happily ever after. The End.
3 3
Wow, that was a long story.