enter my train of thought
2005-02-25 19:15:49 (UTC)

response to pam...

so pam, it makes you put in your email because that's how
I would reply to you, theoretically, but I decided just to
make another entry.

Note to all:

I forgot in my crazy long entry last night to mention a
critical fact about my trip to the library last thursday.
When I was at the library looking for lit crit, Pam came
in, so we did it together. She found some stuff for me,
but when I went to copy it, I definitely broke the lid off
the copy machine... and I was too cowardly to ask anyone
for assistance, so I just ran away. :) Good times... but I
hope no one really needed to use it right then, because I
put it out of commission. Actually, it was still usable...
but still, I broke it.

So while I'm here, today was kind of so-so. Having the
French exchange students at school was kind of
interesting, especially when they gave us weird looks when
we stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance. But then in
history we had a quiz on the most important dates of WWII,
and while I knew all the big dates, Mr. Moore put some of
the lesser known dates on the quiz, and they hadn't even
been on my timeline in the first place... so I think I got
3 out of 10 right. Awesome... There goes my A in history,
but I suppose it wasn't destined to last long.

And in Spanish, my good buddy Bryan pretended to be mad at
me, because "supposedly" (I'm not sure I believe him...)
he got a haircut and I didn't notice, and he was hurt. So
then in bio today, he just would not let it go. He kept
turning around and ripping my papers, and shutting my
books, and throwing all my stuff on the floor, and he said
it was all my fault because I didn't notice his hair cut.
Eventually he got so annoying that Mrs. Strang threatened
to give us both detention... which I didn't think was very
fair, since I wasn't doing anything, except maybe
laughing/yelling at Bryan. But anyway, he kept annoying
me, and then Andy decided to join in, and brought up my
twin Janna, because of my twin that Ms. Schlais made up in
psych the other day. So then Bryan told me to tell
Janna "hi," and I was like no Janna is mad at you too and
she isn't talking to you either (because I had told him I
wasn't talking to him.) Then he and Andy both said that
that wasn't true because they like Janna better than they
like me, and she wasn't mad at them. Then Bryan stole my
shoe and threw it to Andy, who gave it to Matt, who
threatened to wipe the icing from his blue cupcake (we had
blue cupcakes in bio, because we are studying the
digestive system, get it?) all over my shoe... but I
hadn't done anything to Matt, so he gave me my shoe back.
But then Matt decided to join in, and asked me how things
were going with Josh Gibson (because when I wore my I
Heart Josh Groban shirt, everyone made fun of how it
looked like Josh Gibson and I was harboring unrequited
love for him, etc.) and I told him I hadn't worked up the
courage to talk to Josh about my feelings, and Matt said
that there is no time like the present. So then the bell
rings and we're all walking down the hall, and Matt and
ANdy and Bryan are behind me, and they call my name, and I
turned around and flicked them off, and Matt said "Anna
Hayden! I expected better of you! That gesture was
completely inappropriate..." and I was like it wasn't
directed at you Matt, just Bryan and ANdy, and he said

Anyway, I generally like those guys, and they make me
laugh, and I was laughing throughout all the troubles
today, but they did get a little annoying today...