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2005-02-25 18:29:30 (UTC)

Catch Up Entry

Another catch up entry today.

Let's see. Last night I went to the Lenten covenant dinner
but I was late and missed dinner. The assignment for this
week is plan to do some small act of kindness every day for
someone I know, do it, and then write down the result.
This is similar to the action part of my Lenten discipline
except I don't plan mine, instead doing it spontaneously as
this make me look for opportunities the entire day, I'll do
them for strangers or acquaintances or even anonymously and
I don't expect or even want to see a result from it. We'll
see how this goes. I'd already done one for Thursday.
Doris and Earl are both ill so I had mailed them a get well
card that morning. I'll try to remember to write down each
one in my journal too.
The wild rabbit still comes to eat the new grass under the
snowball tree at twilight and I make a point of stopping
what I'm doing at about five o'clock to go look out the
window for him.
We've had little rain the past few months which is very odd
weather for us. The skies are clear so we have the unusual
sight of seeing a full moon in the middle of winter. It has
been glorious and I've looked at it in both the morning and
late at night.