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2005-02-25 11:54:16 (UTC)

27 weeks and five days... ?????

Well, he FINALLY called last night. Then came over and picked me up. He seems to always come around when I'm close to exploding about the subject. I ended up doing what got me pregnant though. Tsk tsk.

He gets so nervous when I talk about the baby though. Like last night, I asked him what he plans on doing and told him that the baby needs a dad. He said something like, "I have been trying to come around more often. Not so much at once." Then I said, "Well, I am about seven months pregnant. I have A LOT on my mind." He could easily avoid me and not come around. But he chooses to come around. WHEN IS HE GOING TO GIVE ME ANSWERS THOUGH?!?!?

The baby's very active now. He has found that kicking me in the ribs is an exciting pass time. lol Then every once in a while, I'll have a cup of coffee and he'll dance around in there for a while. I find it so fascinating to see my belly move with him. :) I can't wait to see him move outside of the womb. Soon!! In a little over 10 weeks, I am considered term.

Well, I am going back to bed!!

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