Proud Mommy
2005-02-25 07:11:13 (UTC)

With You - A Love Poem

I knew from the moment I met you
That there was something special behind your eyes
Telling me to hold onto your comfort
In a world full of cruelty and lies…
And I knew that very moment
Being with you was a matter of destiny
Such much chemistry, spark and connection
Discovering a love of such intensity…
Can’t imagine life without your presence
You’re my light and my love who
Give me my drive and are behind all my dreams
These things in life I want to do all of them with you…

All the time I get to spend with you
Each and every single precious day
Brings me such ecstatic happiness
Like I have never got to feel this way…
I would never trade one of those moments
For all the riches the world can give
Over time you have consumed my heart
You’ve become my reason to live…
I guess it comes down to the small things
And the little thing you and I do
That can make the love grow stronger each day
I want to wake up every morning with you…

When the first thing I see each morning
Is a vision of your handsome face
I know I would awake smiling every time
Knowing in this world I had found my place…
To enjoy this very pleasure each day
For the rest of my entire life
Brings me a happiness to which none can compare
Nothing would make me proud than becoming your wife…
To stand tall by your side for all of time
To be your strength in all you go through
I’d be honoured to be your eternal companion
I want to spend the rest of my life with you…

You will always be the only one I ever desire
The only man I promise to ever touch
Your happiness is my purpose in life
To me your love just means so much…
For me deciding to be with you
Has been my best ever choice
And nothing can bring me more soothing or comfort
Than “I Love You” being spoke from your voice…

If to only have your love
Was all I ever knew
Then I would consider my life privileged
I’d die happy knowing I spent my time with you…