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2005-02-25 05:48:24 (UTC)

Crhisty's Response

Dear Danny, Thank you for the wonderful birthday card. I
read it in its entirety. You said quite a bit. Thank you
for the information on people who share my birthday. That
was fun to read. Also the watermelon martini sounds
wonderful. Maybe I'll try one sometime.
Dan, I was very touched by what you said about me. I
want to let you know that no one in my family or friends
hates you. But I know that they are disappointed in you and
I coming to an end. Something that would best sum this up,
happened last night. My family and some friends went to
dinner with me last night to help me celelbrate being forty.
We were talking and my dad got distracted. I tried to
bring him back into the conversaton by saying we were
talking about one of his favorite people. (No not Georgy
Porgy) We were talking about you. My dad turned to me and
said he used to be one of my favorite people. He did not
say it to be mean. He just said it. He said it differently
though. As if he missed the relationship with you deeply. I
think that is the hardest part. I know that my dad misses
the commorodery that he felt he had with you. He miisses
watching sports with you, he misses spending time with you
and for your talents and helpfulness when him and my mom
needed it. Although he would never say it, I got that from
the comment he made about you. i guess if I could have
you take one thing from our marriage it would be that you
were loved unconditionally by me and my famiily. And than
when you start to doubt yourself that you will always know
that for a time in your life that you were loved without
condiitions and expectations. Well I guess that is it. I
know that we both said and I agree that we will always love
eachother, but the season for us to be a couple has come to
an end. Remember like the James Taylor song says"When you
are down and t roubled and you need a helping hand and
nothig or nothing is going right, please belieive in me
because soon I will be there to brighten up even your
darkest skies, you just call out my name and you know
whereever I am I'll come running to see you aga in.
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall all you have to do is call
and I'll be there yes I will you've got a friend." Oh Darlin
you've got a friend." Anyway, thank you again. Love your ex-