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2005-02-24 21:58:56 (UTC)

i hate hospitals

Dan has been having problems with work lately..all the
chemicals and shit he deals with...the tiniest scratch and
he gets this huge infection. He had to go to the emergency
room tuesday night. They ended up having to cut a slit
about 1 1/2 inches long on the inside of his thigh to get
all the puss to drain. They now have the cut packed with
gauze soaked in some sort of antibiotic or something. I
have to change to bandages twice a day because of the
drainage. It's so awful looking. I'm worried because his
leg looks worse now than it did before and the redness is
spreading, and his leg from his knee to his hip is sore to
the touch. He has to go back to the hospital tomorrow to
have them repack it with new gauze...hopefully it'll get
better soon...Other than that i have had a pretty boring
day. I had today off work so i cleaned the house...and
spent time with my daughters, we went out to lunch...just
to Pizza Hut, but that's what they agreed on.Well, until
next time...

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