Gotta Keep It Real
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2005-02-24 21:55:53 (UTC)

Truth Is

See the truth of the matter is that I really want to stop
fucking around and stuff. Oh God listen to me. I'm talkin
like I done fucked every nigga that ever crossed my path.
This ain't hardly true. I mean it's only been 3 people.
And I had 3 dicks in my mouth. So I've done sexual things
with 6 different people. I'm sorry some people reading
this may think, ok she's a prune or some shit. But I'm
15. That don't make no damn sense, at all. I NEED TO
STOP! I don't want people talking about me. I mean it
really hurts when they talk. I know I pretend to have kids
and that I'm pregnet just for fun, but reality punched me
in the face. At first it neva crossed my mind, but now I
know I could end up with kids for real. A baby at 15. But
even worse I could get AIDs. OMG, I don't want to even
think about that one cause I could be sitting here right
now with HIV and not even know it. I need to go get
tested. I'm scared though. I would be so tramatized if my
results came out positive. Then what would my friends
say. I can't deal with that. I really can't. Oh god...
what have I gotten myself into?
Imma lay low for awhile. A long while. Fuck that. My
boyfriend is gonna want to fuck and stuff though. I'm too
scared. If he really cares about me though he'll
understand. Right? He'll except that and just be patient
with me right? No what am I saying he gonna run off and get
some body else's goodies. No, what am I talking about.
Sorry God, but my boyfriend is ugly. Ain't no girl gonna
give it up to him just like that. Unless...I mean there
are other girls like me out there. You know just down for
them one night stands. I'm gonna cry. No hold ya head up!
Yes listen to that 2 Pac "KEEP YA HEAD UP!"
Truth is, I don't think I can...