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2005-02-24 21:48:30 (UTC)


i knew for some reason that i wouldnt have a good day. i
woke up tired and then fell back to sleep for about an
hour, and then i was still tired. i dont understand why
i guess i just had a bad day because i thought i would,
but honestly it isnt like i could have changed the outcome
of the day it's already set how everyday of the rest of my
life will be.
and my life could end today and i wouldnt know it.

i feel really upset right now and i dont know why.

all day i just wanted to go home and i couldn't. i dont
like art that much anymore because we are just copyin
someone else's style of work. we should make their style
our own somehow. like i want to do my adage normal then do
something in the background irregular so that it looks
different. one of the people who did this was paralized so
it is his own unique way of making art.
im really confused about that project to but not as
confused as the spanish girl who has to have jose
translate everything.
it is like lost with the korean guy.

i think im going to try to stay home from school tomorrow
just because i am tired of there being so many people i
dont know everywhere. it's just very stressful knowing
that there are so many people that close to you that have
their own thoughts and own friends and little routines
they do with their families everyday that i know nothing

it makes me think of what mrs riley said about gifted
minds seeking something about the big picture and they can
never stop thinking about things such as that. and i cant
help it i have to think about the person behind me in
algebra 2 that does stuff on the weekends with their
friends who i dont even know and they know nothing about
me. just because you know a name doesnt mean you know the
person. and just because you may have talked to that
person with that name doesnt mean you know the person

'All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.'

i think that is a pretty cool pert from the fellowship of
the ring. i dont know why i do it just is.

im really glad that stephen's dad is enagaged, but i dont
know if stephen is. he has been through a lot with parents
and i think that is why he acts how he does. and i just
hope that scoot stays with catherine for a really long
time and i hope that stephen and eric will have a good new

i have to go move the car for matthew