Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-02-24 21:15:51 (UTC)

Never enough time

Dearest Master,

this slave's creativity seems to have gone with the snow.
she tried to write another chapter of her fantasy, but she
can't seem to get a focus on what she is trying to write.
this slave has not lost interest in her fantasy - far from
it! - she just can't decide the direction in which she wants
to go next. this slave will make every effort to continue
with it tomorrow.

One thing is sure - this slave's life is very full. It is
so full that she often forgets to complete all the tasks
that are required of her on a daily basis. this slave is
not trying to make excuses for her memory lapses, she just
wants You to know that she is aware of her short comings and
she is trying to improve herself daily.

You just called! this slave loves to hear from You, and she
never thinks that You call too much. she really loved it
today when You showed up during S.T. this slave never gets
tired of seeing You. she just wishes she could see You more
often - especially when W/we are B/both awake!! It seems
like most of the time W/we spend T/together is when O/one or
B/both of U/us is asleep.

Master, this slave must stop for now since it is time to
prepare dinner for the family. this slave just wants You to
know that she loves You so very much and she will always be
You loving, loyal and devote slave-pet,