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2005-02-24 21:00:52 (UTC)

2.24.05 Flu

Being sick is one of the most limiting things in
the world. It honestly stinks. I don't know how much longer
I can sit here and deal with being incapacitated (so to
speak). I've only had the flu for like 3 or 4 days, and its
getting on my last nerve. It makes me, first, realize how
fortunate I am to have my health. It must be quite a
challenge to be completely dependent on someone else for
anything in the physical realm. Jeeze. Even now, when I
want to get up and get in my car and drive somewhere, I
know I cannot. I cannot do something. And that makes me
feel like poopoo. To know that I cannot do something? Jeeze
Louise! I like to have the freedom and the will to be able
to do what I want when I want, and that is a complete slap
in the face when you are physically unable to acieve
Even as I type now, I am wearing my Fubu down jacket
with warm feathers over three hoodies. I am so warm. Ahhh.
FInally, a few moments withoug the chills. arghhhh...but
the acetaminophen is apparently messing up my vision here,
as each word becomes more blurry than the last....this is
the end of this entry