just 1 of many
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2005-02-24 20:53:52 (UTC)

weird agen!!!!

weird...iv ad such a day!!! its bin gud/bad...i
duno...i dont think i can sey here reli...cos its bout ppl
an i dont no hu reads this reli...maybe no1 but i cant
take hat risk! things cud jus be totaly ruined!!!!! 4 utha
ppl cos its alredi ruined 4me!

im pised off wiv me self 4 cuttin!! damn! but im jus not
thinkin bout it 2 much cos i'll get upset an panicy like i
normaly du!!its not likeim guna die! but thats how i get not bad atm cos i jus spoke 2 aaron! i cant
wait 2 c him!!!

neways thats it reli!!

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