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2005-02-24 20:50:17 (UTC)

2.24.05 The Land of Lincoln

It has occured to me that this worthy and noble state
has been nicknamed "Land of Lincoln", after our 16th
president of the United States, good ole Abe Lincoln.
Good Ole Abe! Even now our society sort of looks
upon the guy as some kind of heroic icon. But what did the
guy really do? I mean, I guess he did unite the north and
south in a pivotal time , but, if you ask me, that does not
deserve honor. Any president could have done that: he just
happened to be there when it happened.
And as a black person, many people say I should be
thankful to Honest Abe because he signed the Emancipation
Proclamation, which, of course, freed allll the slaves.
Yes, that was a great thing. But Lincoln himself was not an
abolitionist, no: he just did not want slavery to spread to
the north. Lincoln was a northerner , and they didnt have a
need for slaves, and it is a genuinely American trait to
get rid of something you don't need and say you're standing
up for it for morality.
And yes, I agree that Lincoln's great nose and
hyperextended chin are excellent characteristics for
sculpting, which, I suppose, is why he is on the penny, and
why we see his outline drawn so much. Clearly that chin
makes him completely distinguishable from the billions of
billions of people that have ever been in existence. But
that doesn't mean he should be worthy of getting a state.
I think anyone has more precedence than Honest Abe
did to get a state nicknamed after him. And frankly, I
think "Land of Alix" has a much better ring than "Land of
Lincoln". I am, as a result, nicknaming Illinois "Land of
Alix", too.

So there you have it, I guess

Alix Coupet