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2005-02-24 17:28:47 (UTC)

snow day

hey yall! so i just thought wow i might wirte in this
because it brings back some um...memories hah! yeah well
anyways SNOW DAY! woohoo! yeah but its not really snowing
that bad, so their was no point but hey no school. so i
was typing all that procedure manual stuff up for AHC but
nah. yeah so anyways...
yesterday was pretty cool with ms. walker. i felt
kinda out of it though. im friends with her but not like
awesome friends you no? it would be cool to be good
friends like eliza but she wont talk so i dont know. i
think it helped though. and i think our ideas to go visit
at work are amazing!
wow this talk black guy told me i had BLING BLING on
my nails last nite at work. haha. cuz i have lil diamond
thingys in them when i got them done. it was hilarious.
yes well, i dont want to go to work today but i will see
my baby! and then i will see him after work yay!
alright well im outta here yall. this was fun. maybe
ill do it again. hah. well catch yall later!

love yall,

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