daily self deceptions...
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2005-02-24 16:36:57 (UTC)

More thoughts...

So..where to start.
I have yet to receive the Valentines Day card 'Dirty' sent
me. Makes me sad. He said the first time he tryed sending
it he wrote the wrong info on it and it got sent back to
him so maybe thats why it's seemingly taking so long. He
said he sent it tho so we shall see.
So I've finally had the mental ability to realize how Co-
Dependent I really am. It's sickening really. I'm going to
discuss it with the *BF* today if I see him, and if I don't
I'll wait till Saturday. I'm going to try and spend time
with him this weekend.
I'm talking to 'Dirty' right now as I write this. Keeping
him company online while he's at work. Sometimes I wonder
why he says the things he says, knowing the type of person
that I am. Knowing how jealous I get. I think he does it
for reactions. He thinks it's "cute" when I get angry and
jealous and stuff. I don't think its very cute at all! hah.
Don't you just wish you could like... ask for answers to
certain questions and just have it come to you? Like 'do a
good deed and you have a chance for an answered question'.
Like a game show. Hell. Life is one big game anyways, isn't

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