A day At A Time
2005-02-24 16:17:24 (UTC)


Well,I have been having a good day so far. But you know
what they say, huh? There is always something to ruin a
good streak. I guess we will see. Report cards come out
today or tommorrow. I gotta get home before my mom to get
the mail before she does.lol I don't know maybe I did good.
we will see. You will never guess what happened. The police
called for my dad. Yup, they called for him. In my opinion
they should have went over there. it's time they went after
him. He hasn't paid child support since ever.lol.It's not
suppose to be funny, but if he were caught maybe that will
give him the initiative to work, since he doesn't work now.
I think he is a drug dealer or maybe he is apart of the
mafia. I will never know.The questions that have been
running through my head since my parents divorce have
finally claimed my attention. I don't know what to do. i
haven't seen or talked to my dad for about 8 years. I won't
lie to myself and say I don't miss him. I miss him. he was
my hero. I used to follow him around like a dog. He was the
only one who totally understood me. I hope I get that back.
I want to call him. I want to see him. I find myself
fantising about meeting up with him in a parking lot
somewhere and talking like nothing ever happened. I know if
we do meet it would be nothing like that, though. I know to
much now. I know what he has done. However, I beleive in
second chances. God, I want that relationship back. I want
to be his little girl again. I wish I could make time go
back. I can't. I watch children with their fathers' and I
envy them. i envy them their relationship. I shouldn't, but
I do. He or I could die any day and I or he will never know
what the other meant to the other. I don't want that to
happened, but I don't know how to stop it. I need answers.