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2005-02-24 16:17:22 (UTC)


today is ok gum la ... not so busy and not so tired..
today talk with tung , seems like lone time mo talk with
her ..since u hv problems abt her throat...
hope she will be fine vy soon!..
n i hate my mum more ... she always lie me ...
i today c my dad .. his face just like evil...
today i vy 7 gum wear lsm'z cousin'z long dress..
everyday i dou ho seven gum go sch ..
still left 3 or 4 sch days ..
i m loving it``../
i ngwant sch .. n ng want do anythg ... take rest then
study ... just so simple ,
bt i can't , reason ?
1 study jao many thgs in my mind ...
sometimes i think i love myself too much ..
bt somtimes i felt i hv lost ...
bt i think i happy that i got sze man(i hate this name ,
coz other call her this name ) [nicky tung]..
coz my family don't know me well..
without them , no1 share my feelings ..
i mizz thgs pass away ..
bt i hope for furture more !
this is my plan!...

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