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2005-02-24 14:38:37 (UTC)

Give me freedom, or give me death.

Isn't that the same thing anyways?

Everyone wants freedom, right? In every movie, tv show,
book, and real life, people are saying that they want to be
free from this or free from that. They want to run away
from it all; their job, school, family, friends, work,
problems, life. They want a vacation from reality, a
vacation from the 'usual' and 'ordinary'. Why do people
wish this, no matter who they are?

I believe they wish this because they have too many
options. Too many choices. And not enough time to make
them all.

Popular movie stars wish to not be so popular in the sense
that the paparazzi wouldn't track and report on their every
move. Don't they want to live just like the average Joe,
in peace and quiet?

Whereas the average Joe wants to live like the movie star,
everyone knows who they are and wants to be with them.

People in cold countries want to escape to those that are
warm. Yet, people in warm countries want to escape to those
that are cold.

Perfect proof...Torontonians (Canada). In the summer "its
too hot", and in the winter "its too cold". Always the
other is wanted. And what they have is never appreciated.

You have people in third world countries who live in their
way, and those in 1st world countries who live in their own
way as well. Some wish that it could be changed, and few
try to change it....to no avail.

Many want to go to a country, while many in that country
want to leave it. Those who fly all the time to travel
would rather drive, while those who drive...wish to fly.

Even each person wishes something else. One common wish is
to fly...to literally float off the ground. Wouldn't you
need wings for that? Sure. But, you wish to fly because
its an option available in the world, but you just can't
experience it. If a bird could talk, what would it say.
Probably something along the lines of "I want freedom, I
want to walk like other animals, I hate flying..."

Why? Because the image of a difference, of an uncommon,
unusual, in-ordinary is there. People want something
different because they are too used to what is the same.
People go on vacations to escape the "ordinary", don't
they? To escape the everyday life, to escape the pressures
and the stresses....even though they will all be back once
you return.

Also, freedom is experienced through actions as well. When
the telephone was invented, people thought it was a devil's
machine (at the beginning) just like any other new
technology. But once they realized what that technology
can do, they embraced it because it was different, and
it 'freed' them from a tedious task, such as writting a
letter, sending it, and waiting months on end for a

But, what happens when that freedom is given...whether its
a change in a simple method of action (like washing dishes)
or a change in environment? People freak out. They get
used to the change until it no longer is considered a
change, and then they expect something else to change.
Especially when they are presented with a method to help
make that change a reality.

When the internet became popular, people were hesitant to
do online banking. Even I was. It was an option that was
there, it would have made a great change, making things
easier. It was always on the back of our minds, especially
when we'd walk into the bank to do a simple task that would
only require a few clicks of a mouse. Yet, today, how many
people bank over the internet? I do, and I know of many who
have made it 'ordinary' in their lives as well.

If I were to tell you that you could buy a cottage on
Venus, what would you say? You'd laugh, dismiss the idea,
and go about your daily life. All because it isn't an
option right now. But when it is first presented as an
option...people would freak out. WHy, because it is
something new, something unusual, something out of the
ordinary...something different. And after awhile, it will
be accepted, it will be taken advantage of, and then it
will be ordinary. "Ya, the family and I are going to our
cottage Venus for the weekend, but there's enough space for
two more if you'd want to join us..."

But then what happens. After awhile ( a long while) those
cottage owners would start to feel confined, trapped,
because they always go to Venus, and not Mars, or Jupiter,
or Galaxy 42. "But Daaaaad, do we HAVE TO go to the
cottage? Billy's family is going to Disney World on Mars.
Can we go there?...."

Freedom is nothing but a change from the ordinary. Take
the events in Iraq. With Saddam Hussien out, the people
are considered free right? Then why all of this turmoil
years after the fact? Why can't they settle down like the
west? Because, they aren't the west, they are Iraq. They
were raised to live a certain way, under fear, under
torture, and now that they aren't under that way....they
are freaking out. They are forced into change, into the
unordinary, into the unusual......into the unknown.

When the earth was said to be round and not flat, people
laughed. They have believed for so long that the earth was
flat, and that IT was the center of the universe. But,
when the truth was told, they scoffed...at first. Then,
once revealed, they freaked. "How can we not be the center
of the universe? God's people aren't the focus of
everything?" But, as with every other 'new' thing, it was
accepted. Now...ya, the earth is round and is the third
planet in the solar system...so what?

Pretty soon, they'll be proof of intelligent aliens. Of
course, at first, people will deny it. then freak out at it
once it is proven. try to hide from it. then realize, its
life, and accept it. then become used to it. and after a
long period of time, the question will rise again -- is
there intelligent life in outer space other than US (by
this time, US would refer to humans and aliens because we
would all be one species intermingled with eachother).

Too many options. Too many scenarios.
But think of this...When you go on vacation, for however
long it is...why do you (even if its just a split second)
think of home? Do you miss home, your friends, your
family..your job, work, or school? OR, do you miss the

Because, after all, isn't the ordinary easier anyways?