Ozzie wannabe's
2005-02-24 13:20:35 (UTC)

Play my game!

Ok Guys, enough’s enough!!! So you should all know what
I’m like and what my antics have been like lately,
although, might I add that my halo is still firmly in the
correct position above my head and I am still a proud born
again virgin!!!!! Well you know I met that guy in Tiger
Tiger a few weeks ago now and he asked to go out with me,
asked when I was free etc and then never contacted me
again, and then Michael E asked when I was free then I
heard nothing, AND then I met the gorgeous bloke from down
south last week who asked to meet up with me before he
went home and didn’t…….. I ‘m getting alittle tired of
this “player” type attitude and have decided to play them
at their own game!!! I need your help girls!!!!! (the only
thing is, I REALLY like this guy from down south. I am
keeping my head on straight though and, even if I see him
at easter, I know nothing can come of it…… just good fun.
Wouldn’t mind losing my born again status to him!!). I
will be confident, chatty and cheeky. What’s the worst
that can happen!!!! BRING IT ON!!! Who’s game?! Love you
all heaps!!! xxxxx

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