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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-02-24 20:56:08 (UTC)

subdiary 24-02-05

good evening my Master,
i still miss You terribly Sir. i was so excited when i 1st
got Your message that we will be chatting earlier than
O/our scheduled meeting online. Then i realised the time
was unsuitable due to family commitments. Now i am unsure
when W/we will be able to chat. i will be patient and wait
and learn from the absence Sir. when i bind myself every
night it is for You Sir. when i crawl naked around my room
it is for You Sir. i am Your slut Sir and that is all i
could ever wish for Sir. i wear my banner proudly Sir.
You are teaching me patience and endurance. i am learning
humility and respect. i have learnt control Sir. when i
think of You Sir i begin to shake and i notice a change in
my breathing, my juices start flowing and i get an itch
that i cant scratch. it is driving me insane Sir. but i
know when You feel i again deserve Your attention You will
help me and then i shall again show You just how much i
adore You Sir. i want to show You Sir how much i adore You
if You will give me a chance Sir. i also miss the time we
used to spend learning a little about each other but i
understand that You dont wish to know anymore of my other
life anymore. i still need help with this Sir. i am
finding it difficult to separate my vanilla life from this
lifestyle Sir. i am alone as the small community i live in
can be very narrowed minded Sir so i need to be able to ask
questions at times. my past real life experience was a bad
one Sir and online is so new to me. i still need so much
help coming to terms with this too Sir.
*slut* {MR}

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