Lesbian Chinchilla

Mmm...Lesbian Drama
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2005-02-24 06:31:44 (UTC)

Mmm...Even More Lesbian Drama

So talked to my girlfriend today, seems she's not sure
she wants to be dating me exclucively. Her reasoning:
1. I'm kinda young. (I'm only 3 years younger)
2. My friends hate her. (ONE person, only one of them
dislike her damn it!!!!)
3. She thinks I would leave her because of #2 (if I haven't
already why would I do it now)
4. She doesn't think I can be faithful (Yeah me miss no sex
in over 3 years, I have problems staying faithful...)
5. She's not sure if she's ready for a serious
relationship. (quite possibly her only valid excuse)

I swear to god sometimes I think I should just turn
straight, my life would have to be less dramatic right??