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2005-02-24 05:12:13 (UTC)


Again, this is the song playing on the playlist and this
is my quote from it "i'm twisted cuz one side of me is
tellin me to move on." I'm not really sure what to think
of certain situations, I guess it still relates to the
fact that what is meant to be will always find a way...

There was this girl today who waited for me to walk down
about 5 stairs for me to exit the building, and she waited
to hold the door open for me. I thought, wow, now that is
a nice girl right there. It is not that I thought she was
not polite but things like that really make me smile. It
really is the little things in life that matter. Who
cares where you are or what you are doing as long as you
are moving foward and having fun along the way. What also
amazes me are people who know you better than you think
you know yourself. Today on the way back from dinner I
just started laughing and said to Laura, "what would you
do if..." with my constant hypotheticals. To my great
surprise, Laur said, "omg I would die laughing, it would
be hysterical." With that I started laughing more and
asked if she really knew what I was talking about. In
fact, she knew exactly what I was talking about... what
would she do if the box of diet coke ripped open and they
all rolled down the hill. It really is things like that
that really make your day.

Also, the caf has never been more entertaining than at
lunch today. As I was walking to my chair I noticed a
table with 3 boys which was elevated quite high. With the
talls boys sitting at a table practically up to their
necks I had to laugh, for a while. It was then pointed
out to me that a kid had funny hair (thanks Laur). By
funny, I mean he had shaved his head so the top of his
head was bicked but the kicker was, was that he had the
haircut of a bald man. I know I am not describing it very
well, but it looked like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.
Hilarious. By the way, I do not watch nor enjoy the
Simpsons, I only recognize anything from the show from my
high school physics class which was absolute bullshit in
case any of you were wondering.

In any case, the small things really do make people's
day. I can honestly say, as much as I bitch about the
work I have to do here, I have so much fun. I do not
think I could have anticipated how great Bucknell truly
is. True friends who know everything about you is so
great, it simply blows my mind.

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