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2005-02-24 04:54:42 (UTC)

Auto Show

So yeah, the weekend was fun. Sean, me, Brandon, Jeremy
and Josh all went to the Car show in Chicago. I'd have to
say it was fun. We took the train up there which made
everything so much easier cuz driving in Chicago is a
Bitch!! Lol. I saw my favorite car there. "Volkswagon
Beatle Convertable" OMG! I love those cars! They are so
cute!! I sat in one and sean took my picture. Teehee! So
yeah, we stayed for a few hours or so and then went home
with his parents on the train. I love Chicago. I'd have to
say its one of the coolest cities i've been to. Lol. So
anyways, we didn't really do anything else over the
weekend. It was a four day weekend so it was awesome to be
able to sleep in. I never get to sleep in, lol. So
anyways, yeah, this week has been pretty rough. Actually,
ever since yesturday its been pretty rough. But i'm not
gonna get into it. Lets just say that i never wanna
experience another day like yesturday again and i'm gonna
try my HARDEST not to no matter what it takes. I'm done
being a jealous bitch.
So anyways, i'm gonna go. Later