Lala's Log
2005-02-24 03:50:15 (UTC)


Well a lot has happened. I met a girl online and we have
talking and talking. Its nice to talk to someone and not
sleep with them. Shes coming this weekend and I'm nervous.
She hasn't slept with anyone in like 2 years and so I'll
be a first in a long while. So a lot of pressure there.
But I'm so happy. All I think about is her. All day things
fall down around me and I have a stupid smile on my face.
I worked at McD's for 11 hours today and all I did was
think about how I want to go home and IM her. She is from
Ohio so shes a less than 2 hours away. Shes a little on
the thick side 5'4" half Itialan...and of course cute as
hell. I'm nervous I've seen her and shes seen me but
still. I got my state taxes back and I want to get clothes
I don't know wether to buy for the prom (shes 25 but they
have some kind of gay prom every year). So I might by like
one new outfit and then going shopping with her so we
match. Olga and Abby are going strong and if things with
Shana work out well we might all live together. Shana is
already talking about the future and we both want the same
things. She wants to take charge and I'll be the stay at
home mom. Which is excatly what I want. We click. Like
when I heard about how others met online and then met in
person I thought they where crazy but know I fully
understand. I'm just want this weekend to go really well.