as good as it gets
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2005-02-24 02:43:58 (UTC)


Ok i was out with guy #2, we found a half buit house ..
well more than half. We went inside and were upstairs and
went into a room, and I was standing by a closet, and he
came close to me, and kissed me. so softly at first, and
slowly backed up into a wall. Pushed me against it and
everything just happened. It felt so right, everything
just fit. And it was so sweet, he had been eating sugar so
I can safely say it was better than candy. I have a bruise
on my knee, my ribs hurt and I cut my shin. It was so cold
out, I wasnt only shaking from the cold. His body was so
warm, and everything felt right in his arms. Laying on
that cold hard floor, I had never been more comfortable,
and he promised me better, better than that cold hard
floor. When I left, I left, with memories, hopes and the
taste of sugar, lingering in my mouth.

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