2005-02-24 00:54:57 (UTC)

One fucked up day

Friday the 18th was one of the worst days of my life. Me
and my friend Amber were chillin up in my room, and my dad
called me downstairs, I really didn't think anything of it.
So i went dowstairs and he tells me to sit down, right then
i knew i must have done something. He got in my face and
started yelling at me about hitting my grandma!(Do not ask
me were he got that from.) I told him no over and over
again, still he would not believe me, obviously i tried to
get up. He told me to sit the fuck down and i said i don't
want to listen and be acused of something i didn't do. Out
of nowere and said hit me go ahead hit me nothings stoping
you, i was filled with anger so i hit him i knocked the
shit out of him and he got back up, and choked me. I kicked
him in the stomache so he would let go i tried to run
upstairs because i knew he wouldn't do anything to me in
front of amber. I got half way up the stairs he grabbed my
by my hair and through me half way down the stairs, i tried
to get back up but he kicked me the rest of the way down.
One i tried to get up he let me this time, but when i
finally got up he kicked my legs i fell, and hit the coffee
table and busted my head open. Just to give u an idea i had
to get stiches it sucked. So thats pretty much how my day