Stage Addict
2005-02-24 00:22:05 (UTC)

Sucky day

today totally sucked because Im sick and had to stay
home.and me and my friend are still weird, and today was
supposed to be the day that we talked about it. so yeah
thats been a hot topic on my mind. I hate this. plus I
have a competition in 3 days and a performance in 2. I
feel terrible and not just physicaly. tommorrow is going
to be akward and Jackie still has my sticks I let her
borrow at rehersal tuesday...I need thoughs for band
tommorow. I hope she comes to school tommorow.

"...I went to heaven,couldn't get in for what I have done.
I said please take me,he said 'your crazy, you were to
much fun'" - Unwritten Law "Save Me"