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2005-02-23 20:44:11 (UTC)

Stretching it thin

Little out of the ordinary, I already wrote something
today. But, having nothing to do but read the papers off
the net, a few things began to connect in my mind.

Mainly, this whole Missle-Defence issue between Canada and
the US. I hate the US, they are retarded, ignorant losers
who are selfish and uncaring and, well, just dumb. Most of
them anyways...from the top down. But, with this missle
defence thing, its different.

At first, I thought that we shouldn't join mainly because
it would give an image to the rest of the world that we
side with the US in the conquering of the world. In turn,
these "terrorists" or other countries would start targeting
us. Right?

Well, I really don't think they will....attack Canada, that
is. Why? Because, we have their own people inside. YUP.
Believe it or not, but the over-run of immigrants (legal or
illegal) in our country could be the one thing that saves
us from an attack during WW3. China won't bomb us, nor
will Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea...not even the US;
because we have Americans here too. Its like Canada is a
mini world. When the rest of the planet is destroyed, and
Canada is left...its ok, because all of the races and
religions will still be intact.

Now, why else should we adopt this missle defence program.
Well, lets see. Reading the headlines today:

-Iran is posing as a threat with Nuclear abilities.
-North Korea is posing as a threat with Nuclear abilities.
-China is posing as a threat with its huge army.
-Iraq is still a threat because everything there is messed.
-The middle east is the middle east.
-Russia and Ukraine are trying to be nice to each other.

And in the middle of a lot of this is the US. Sure, they
stick their noses in everyone's business, but at least they
have the decency to ask if we'd like to participate in
protecting ourselves from the volley's of missles that will
probably be launched towards them (and us) with this missle
defence. I mean, we ARE caught in the middle, aren't we.
Why not join, or at least build something ourselves similar
to it? Sure, we don't have the funding. OR, we could say
yes to the US, and when they are built, we kick them out,
tell them the deals off, and keep the silos for ourselves.

I know, I'm no politician, but who is. Obviously not those
in control. A politician is someone who can communicate a
message properly for the good of both nations; someone who
can get both nations to work for the same good. That is
when the world will unite as one.

But, until then, we'll have to walk around with little
gadgets that let us know when a nuke has been launched.
Well, either way, I hope it comes soon. I'm tired of
waiting, tired of anticipating. This is just like the NHL
lockout...they toyed with the minds of the fans: yes,
theres a season, no theres not a season, yes theres a,
wait, nope, no season, and, uhoh, guess what, there
definately is going to be....no season. Sheesh.

We might as well join with the US, but not entirely. We
could be the "Canadian Provinces of the United States of
America." We keep all our traditions, values, heritage,
hockey, and igloos, of course. We'll just be under their
name (well, a mix of theirs and ours.) Then Mexico could
join, the south america, then greenland, then slowly
western europe, and then the rest... Wouldn't that be
cool. There would be a committee to run the
entire "country", with individual leaders in
each "territory". Just like me have city councillors,
mayors, ministers, then cabinet members, the PM, the queen,
and a bunch of other people as well.

Economy would flourish, security would be tighter, and
those who do not wish to join the grand country, well, they
loose out. And then we wouldn't have to worry about
protecting ourselves from our neighbours, because, well, we
won't have neighbours (other than other planets).

But hey, thats just me. I mean, we COULD work for that
image, with a lot of hours and hard work put into it...or,
we could press that button to start a chain reaction of
missle launches to bring our own doom and destruction. And
those who survive? Well, they'll just repopulate the planet
again with lunatics who will end up in the same situation

Hey, they found giant lakes of ice on Mars. Lets go
there...start our own hockey league....