worse than teenage poetry
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2005-02-23 20:17:30 (UTC)

A Year Later

So I decided to look in here, what I have written.
What I was going through a year ago.
It's weird, because it seems so long ago, but it is only a year.
I was actually on here looking for my definition of love.
Something I still have yet to define. Or even feel. I have a
feeling that even after I do fall in love, I won't be able
to define it.
There is already all this hype about it, and there are so
many different definitions for it. And there are a lot of
people who are in love. Maybe love is different for
everyone, no one has it the same.
Or maybe it just doesn't have a set definition. You can't
look in a dictionary, read the definition, and go "oh, i'm
most definately in love then"
That might be useful though..
Anyway, I did mention that I think I'm falling in love.
That's kinda interesting. Obviously come a long way from a
year ago. One it totally nonexistant in my life now. Well,
he technically was then too.
Another is still around.. talking to my friends, causing me
stress. It really is best when I talk to him less. I totally
forget about him then, but once I start talking to him
again. It's just not safe. I guess I do like what I can't
have sometimes. I think it's human nature to be like that.
It's always so more emotional, and important, when it's
about something you can't have, something you've never had.
It doesn't make sense.