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2005-02-23 20:00:27 (UTC)

las few days....

i avnt riten in ages!!! iv ad a shit few days tho!! bin
crappy!! loads is goin rong, not jus 4 me...tis utha ppls
things that r goin rong 2....thers way 2 much 2 rite

but i dont eva get told nefin!!! me mum went 4 a chest x-
ray cos shes bin avin chest pains, which i fort had
stoped!! but ifound out afta she had it an i was anoyed
cos it wud av bin nice 2 no wen me mums in hospital!! o

i found out daz hasa gf that he hits!! wot the fuck!! he
was agenst that so much!! i cant belive it! i no he
bulshitted but i didnt think he'd b like that!! he wasnt
nefin like that wiv me! he wasnt violent wiv me or ne
girl!! he h8ed it so i cant belive it!

jamie has bin anoyin me abit an i reli cant c it workin
but i want it 2!!...2 be honest if i cud av exactly wot i
ad wiv daz i wud take that!! that was gr8 even wiv the
bulshit! im not seyin i wana get wiv him agen at all i jus
wan that kinda thing!! :( o well...cant always av wot ya

sum1 i care bout cant swim but went 'wreked swimmin'
yesterday which scared me abit an iv bin worring bout tom
abit cos i luv him 2 bits an im not reli sure wots gon on
but i jus worry lol if ya read this hun i hope ur feelin
k! :) i dont think u wan ppl 2 worry (i think) but i du lol

erm...not sure wot else i wana put...oh ye...iv bin gettin
bad news bout m8s thats bin makin me feel low 4 them
recenty 2 :( i love u all an u all deserve gud things 2
apen 2 ya!!