Alexander Dark
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2005-02-23 17:24:15 (UTC)


Well my parents came to school and found out my bad
grades.I didnt got grounded.i think they finnaly realized
that they dont resolve nothing with that.Ok so my plans....
well in 2 weeks I want to go at this guys grandparents
village but they are dead and wont give us problems,the
reason why i am going is because a bunch of friends will go
there to pary and have fun for 3 days.I dont have the money
yet and I wanna get them and quick!Then its the problem with
my parents if they let me because its far away.In 3 weeks we
will get spring break and me and some guys want to go to
Galati a bigger city near Braila.So we are from different
graf teams.I dont know what to pick for my tag name.
Here are some choices:

1.DWH (darkus was here)

2.DBE (dead bodies everywhere)

3.DRS (dark reigns supreme)

huh ? please help...

Music:Incubus-Nice to know you