I drink Alone
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2005-02-23 16:49:08 (UTC)

O happy day

Today I experienced an epiphany of sorts.
With work, friends, family, school..everything just crowding
in on me more and more, lately I've been ready to cry insanity!
I find myself day-dreaming or just spacing out..wishing I
didn't have to deal with the normal day-to-day
routine..wishing even I was a child once more in my parents
house...Thing's made sense then... didn't they? Everything
was simple..and happy.
But then I think..What if the person I was years ago met the
person I am today?
Would she like that person? or would she be unpleasantly
9 times out of 10 I would say the latter one.
I used to teach choir, music, sunday school..Worked in
daycare and nursing homes.
I used to love freely without wondering what the person will
give back, or if they even will.
And what am I now? My whole life is centered around me.
I don't even understand the word love anymore.

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