*When I'm Gone*
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2005-02-23 16:29:13 (UTC)


I can't believe it, I saw Todd on Sunday (the 20th)! It
feels like a dream, everything is so surreal. I mean, on
the 13th he had text messaged me, and like after so much
thoughts about it, I can to the conclusion that he probably
did it by accident. I mean I called him the next day, and
he tells me that no it wasn't him, and I have the wrong
number, wrong person, wrong everything, so you know.
Anyway, I didn't give him anymore thought after that, not

Then this past Sunday, he did it again. Only this time it
was much later though. On the 13th he had text me at like
6:30pm, and this time he text me at 9:45pm (Desperate
Housewives was almost over). I couldn't believe my eyes
when I saw it. Also, this time he actually wrote something
too, last time he just text me with no message. He
wrote "Hi stranger", and I text him back, I wrote Is this
Todd? He text me back with "Hi", and then I tried to call
him, but he didn't answer, so I'm thinking it's a prank
text or something. I called his Nextel phone too, and he
still didn't answer, so I text him with Well are you Todd
or what? He wrote "What do you think", I replied with I
don't know, why aren't you answering your phone? Then he
text me with "You got any movies to watch". I
wrote,Sure . . . lots of DVDs, why don't you answer your
phone? Then I tried calling again, surprise, surprise, he

I have to admit, it felt weird talking to him. Not weird,
but a little bit awkward. I was so happy though, I couldn't
believe it. Even now I can't believe it, I mean, God, it
was TODD!!! We weren't uncomfortable with each other at all
really. It was kind of like when Chris finally called me
after ignoring me for about a mth. Only I was ten times
more happier when Todd called me! I mean, God, I still
can't believe it! So we were talking, and I told him, why
did you text me, we don't get along, and he's like I think
we get along just fine. Then I told him that he owes me $20
because I got him that tow, and he said you tried to run me
over, and I'm like I didn't even get a thank you. You
should have said thank you, and please don't run me over.
Then I told him that I saw his truck, and the new design,
and he's like when did you see me? I'm like what do you
mean when did I see you, you live like ten blocks away from
me! I can't figure out why he called though. For a booty
call, I mean, could he be so desperate for some sex that he
would call ME up after all this time? That's pretty
desperate. I told him I have a new car, and then he asked
me what it was, and I said I'm not telling you, you'll come
and tow it away. He's like now would I do that, and I said
yes! He seem like he wanted to hang out, but I told him
that I was afraid that he was going to come and kill me and
take my body away, and throw me off a bridge or something.
So then his Nextel rings, and he answers it, and he comes
back, and I said you have a tow? He said no, I have to drop
something off, do you want me to stop by on my way back?
I'm like do you even remember where I live? He said I think
so, and I said okay, I'm not going to tell you were I live,
if you remember it, you can come by. He said okay, I'll
call you when I'm outside. So I showered, dress (I put on
my pink Winnie the Pooh pjs) . . . I had my period though,
*laughs*, everytime I see this guy I have my period, it's
weird . . . then Cindy called me, and I was just so anxious
waiting for Todd.

He called me at 10:45pm to tell me he was outside. I said
right outside my door? He said no, outside your house, and
I said so then ring my doorbell if you know which house it
is, I want to hear my doorbell ring. So then less than a
minute later, he rings my doorbell, and my heart dropped to
the floor! I opened the door, and seeing him, I don't
know . . . it felt weird. He came in, and you know . . . he
didn't look like a bum this time, and it was strange. I
mean, I was so use to seeing him with like pullovers and
holey jeans and whatever, and he didn't have that on.
Actually he had white sneakers on that looked brand new. He
had a white shirt on too, but I don't like that look on
him, I like him better looking like a bum. We talked a
little, not much, I mean, we don't have much to say to each
other. He asked me if I have a boyfriend, so I told him
yes, but "we're fighting", and then he's like so this is
what you do with your boyfriend all the time, stay here and
watch movies. I said yeah, and he's like now what kind of
relationship is that, and I said, he doesn't take me
anywhere, and he said why doesn't he take you anywhere? and
I said because he doesn't have any money, and he said why
doesn't he have any money? I said I don't know, he's cheap.

He doesn't want a girlfriend though, we watch Euro-trip,
and when it was up to that part where Jamie was getting a
blowjob in Amsterdam by the girl that works in the photo
place, I said to him, don't you wish you had a girl like
that, and he said, I don't want a girl *sad face*.

We kissed, cuddled, and of course he tried to get laid. I
couldn't though, I mean, the whole chlamydia thing, and I
don't know if he ever went to the doctor's to get check to
make sure that he's okay and whatever else. He wanted a
picture of me, preferrably a naked one, and he took
pictures of me on his camera phone, he has a new LG phone
now . . . he was kind of nice to me actually, well, as nice
as Todd Davide can be I should say. He jerked off all over
me, but we didn't have sex, and I didn't do anything more
than just kiss him. I miss him though, and I hope he calls
me again, but I don't know, I don't think so though. Seems
unlikely, I think this is going to be like an Andy and
Cindy kind of thing, you know, where he calls her like once
every year out of the blue or something.

Oh my God, TODD!!! I can't believe it. I really can't
believe that I saw him!!!