My Magical Dreams
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2005-02-23 15:22:53 (UTC)


hey yall it is me again....just wonderin what is up that is all. i am in study hall rite now
and it is boring. corey hasn't called me at all and he said that he would call me either
monday or tuesday and he hasn't so i am kinda pissed off rite now. I wish jeremy
would come on so i can talk to him i have n't talked to him in ages because of his
girlfriend and his family..but i call him once in a great whike because i miss him he is
like a brother to me and i can tell him things tat i can tell no one else. i bet you have
many of them right,,,i miss corey to much to let him go andi hope that he misses
me and yeah..i just go in troubel because i printed 30 pgs of guys and that used
up all the paper and i think i am going to get my privelages taken away becuase it
did n't have to do with school so i am pissed off.