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2005-02-23 14:02:43 (UTC)


Oh, shit. well, i've been found out. my fucking mother rang
up college today and asked why the buses weren't coming (i
told her i couldn't get to college via the bus cause of all
the snow), so maggie wray (i want her to ROT in HELL) told
her that the buses HAD been coming, and then told my mother
what i'd been saying on these answer messages (i said i
wouldn't be in cause i was stranded in york), so as you can
imagine..i've tried to worm my way out of it. i've said that
my mate has been txt'ing me saying that the buses WEREN'T
coming (which is a complete lie - she hasen't at all), so i
couldn't get through - therefore it ain't my fault. i even
went on this free txt site (RedAlertz - highly recommended)
and txt my OWN phone saying "hiya hun, nah the bus aren't
taking us", so i can at least show them that i've
apparantely being mis-led. there's still the fact i said i
was in york, though. oh for gods sake, why is my mother even
bothered? she doesn't give a flying fuck about my education,
so why DOES she actually care? like, really? she needs to
concentrate with her life, instead of constantly
interefearing with mine. my dad accused it of the "people i
hang around with" - absolutely typical of him. actually, i'm
surprised my mother didn't say that first. i'm so fucking
sick of college, and i can't wait to come back to wcc; s6f
is overrated, and it's just..i dunno. i just don't like it
there. i'm unhappy there. fuck college. fuck my parents too.

went to lg's last night, which was fun. we had to leave at
half 11, because her mum "said so". we went back to sa's,
and to my horror..dc was there. he wasn't that bad, but he
had his moments, the absolute cunt. i stayed until just
after 4.10am; then i got a taxi home cause sa was really
tired. sa was mad at lg (surprise) for not coming to her's,
but never mind. i can't go out tonight (i doubt i would be
anyway), but if sa or anyone asks, i can't..i get in too
late, and i'd never be able to get up for college. i think
i'm gonna watch desperate housewives, slap on a dvd..and go
to bed at about half 12-ish. up at just after 7.15am is
just..criminal. why do i do it? i'm gonna count how many
college days there are left, until september (september
being when i'm moving from shitty s6f back to wcc). i can't
wait - i'll always be with sc, which is fab. we'll be always
down at java or wherever. i might be in ba's english
language a2 class, also. argh.

*sigh*..roll on september.


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