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2005-02-23 13:28:07 (UTC)


Home, Sweet Home...

Really enjoy being home.

A lovely dog, Devin, Hang and myself formed a peaceful and
enjoyable home.

Forming a lovely home, everyone's effort is so important.
Tolerance & caring are such significant that none of them
can be missed. That's how we formed our world.

Ppl wonder how can a dog be tolerating and caring. Sleepy
explains. Never had he been gotten angry about our
rudness and trick on him. Never has he forgot us when we
were not here in Melbourne. Never has he enjoy running
away from home. He is such simple and good role model. (
though he's way too naughty)

In this new formed family, i'd say I'm the worse one..^.^

Having been busy doing the unpacking yesterday and talked
on phone with a bulk of friends...My body is
collapsed...Physically and mentally shutted down for a

But thanks for my friend about remembering me......I
extend my graditude to u all about ringing me for my

You are just so kind to me!!!

QQ-Thanks for spending a nite on me.

Slept at six in the morning, finally found that I can't
stand any longer. I felt i wanna sleep, i have lost this
feeling for so long that i felt so stange to have it back
to me.

Today, still did some past snap shots discontinuously
poped-up from my mind. When can i wake up from my dream.
I've been dreaming officially from 01/08/04, but should
have been ended. However, still am i drowning in my
dream..Conciously drowned in the fake dream. Reality,
seems so familiar but untouchable at then moment.

Found that i left my gucci bag on the plane, a bit of has my new earphone wire, my phone battery.and
some other stuff inside, Hopefully, tmr when i rang
British Airyway up, they'll tell me a good news.

Carmen, thanks for passing me ur job....