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2005-02-23 13:16:33 (UTC)


I was waiting for her in my silent dungeon
Call me
If only to tell how your day was
Please, please talk to me, tell me what you feel
Tell me what I feel, tell me that you care
Please, pretend if you have to
I crave your affection; I wait for it everyday…
Sometimes in vain

I understand you’re tired and all you want to do when you
come home is sleep but, I am selfish and I want to spend
what time I can with you.

I want to be loved; I want you to tell me everyday,
everyday, everyday…
In the morning
At work
In the evening

I want you to show me…
By driving me to school
Cuddling with me when I am sick
Hugging me just because

I feel forced to scream as to make you flinch and notice
that in my corner I exist

As Ms. Janis Joplin would say…
You can’t buy my love with money, for I never was that kind,
Silver threads and golden needles cannot mend this heart of

I don’t want your gifts in exchange of your absence. I wish
you could understand how I feel… I wish I could be there
with you.
I love you.

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