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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-02-23 18:17:26 (UTC)

subdiary 23-02-05

good afternoon my Master,

today was a long day as i have missed You so much Sir.
last night without contact was hard but i understand this
is part of my training to be a good sub Sir. the absence
really pulled at me Sir. i know i am just a fucking slut
being trained to surrender Sir. my words i posted were a
rhoetorical question didnt require an answer. i
cant wait for next time together Sir. to me it seem like
forever and then i am afraid i wont be able to chat to You.
you have told me no tears are allowed so there will be no
tears anymore Sir. i will harden myself if it means i can
spend time with You Sir. to me one day without You Sir is
like an eternity. my body hungers for You. my soul feels
lost. i miss You so much. i need to please You Sir. i am
nothing without You. You complete me. i didnt tie myself
last night as You permitted Sir. i did my crawling and my
preslumber proclamation. but Sir without You i felt as if
part of me was missing. i dreamt of You and my dreams were
filled with me serving You. i woke this morning excited and
thinking that we had been together then i remembered it was
just a dream. friday night seems so long away and i know i
will find working harder and harder as the days pass. i
need You Sir. i need to please You. i need to be here for
You. You are in my every thought. i have real life concerns
but these are trivial compared to how You make me feel. You
are everything to me Sir and i need You. i am in a constant
state of arousal. my body is aching. i dont know how i am
to deal with this. is it wrong for me to feel like this
Sir? i dont understand Sir you have told me my diary is for
me to write freely. what does freely mean Sir?
*slut* {MR}

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