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2005-02-23 08:04:12 (UTC)


today i mo go sch ..
hai this academic yr first time ..
i slp till8. study abt 45 mins..
then slp again...till abt 2.30..
quite gd ...
relax relax ...
i surf on the net ... see some passage ..
n most of them quite gd ..
some is touching ..
think a while ..
i think that's true is i ho dou se face ho dou thg dou ng
g dim gum..lose jor emotion..
now in my mind hv many $$..of coz i know i need them be
coz i hv not get enough for my daily life ..
bt seems like beside this , i hvn't anythg else ..
so sun fu being like that ..
y i can't let it be lei..
i want live on my own ..
bt really hard to do ..becoz i want study as well..
i want live with my mum seperate with problems, i know
it's impossible..
still need how much time sin can hv a normal life ?
today i wake up find that dad's here ..
i mo say thgs again..
i mo talk wif him abt half yr lu..
y can gum gei in a house together ..
face everyday bt nth say ? the feel is horrible ..
i want he left the house .. i hate him, bt i hvn't show
this out ..
so confuse myself ..:/...