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2005-02-23 05:23:16 (UTC)

well, i have your disc now.....

well, i have your disc now... you weren't @ work... so uhh
ya... if you want it you need to come get it... i get out
of school @ 11 you know that... i have my cell w/ all day
@ school in my pocket, so if you call after 9:20 i can
answer. my first block is mrs. hirches class... so ya...
i have sullens for 2nd i can sneek a call in...

hopefully i'll talk to you later... i'll b on for a little
while when i get home.. right now i have to bring justin
and tyler home. ^_^

talk to you later...


okay, so, i'm back... i'll b on long enough to copy
answers for one of hirch's sp/voc sheets... god i love the

oh ya, b4 the end of the month i'm getting a new car... so
you wont b able to spot me around town, unless i guess you
drive by the house and see the car.

okay, gotta do my work.. night


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