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2005-02-23 05:17:44 (UTC)

Christy's 40th birthday Card

Happy 40TH!!! you made it! In a year and a half I too will
know what it is like, ha ha. So lets see, when you were my
age, a young 38, it was 2003, the Red Sox's hadn't won the
world series, the Dem's were confident in overthrowing the
dictator, I mean Prez Bush, Arnold was new in Sac town and
the Angels were still from Anaheim.

People who share your birthday:

WEB du Bois 2/23/1868, he's older than you
Peter Fonda 2/23/1939, he too is older than you
Veronica Webb 2/23/1965 she may even be younger than you if
only by minutes or hours, but then again you could be older
than her too!

Things that have happened on the 23rd:

Laurel of Laurel and Hardy dies in 1965, rumor has it he
said something to the effect that this world isn't big
enough for me and Miss Christy Hough of Riverside

Dolly the lamb is cloned 1997

your horoscope from Astrocenter.com:
Smiles and hugs cost nothing, yet they can give someone a
tremendous surge of love and self-confidence that is
invaluable. Feel free to spread these gifts freely, dear
Pisces. There is a wonderfully positive attitude about the
day that comes when one is able to take a step back and
notice the good things in life. Take the time to catch this
wave of exuberance and share it with the people around you.
This feeling is contagious, so it won't be long until
the momentum builds to terrific proportions.

Christy, I have been fortunate to have known and loved you.
You are truely a treasure. Your heart is pure and and your
wings big and white. you will always be with me and I hope
me with you. Our marriage may not have lasted a lifetime
but my love and admiration for you will. I hope you know
you can always call me if you need help or someone to talk
to, even when he both get spouses.

I hope you understand I don't hate you. It would be easier
on me to to blame you for my unhappiness in our marriage,
but I am the one to blame. I have issues about myself that
I need to correct. Counseling is in order and in time I
will seek. I never once in our marriage felt unloved, I
thank you for that.

After talking with you yesterday I can see you have a great
friend in Teri. Christy, a testiment to what a great person
you are is the friends you have. You have two great ones in
Teri and Laura. I am glad to see you are once again being
socially active, watch out for those martini's.

Here is a recipe for a Watermelon martini:

1/2 oz fresh Lemon Juice
1 oz Midori Melon Liqueur
1 oz Citrus Vodka you could always kick the vodka up a
notch, yea baby!
1 1/2 oz fresh Watermelon Juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled
cocktail glass. Garnish with a sprig of mint, and serve.
Garnish??? who ever has garnish laying around house??? Do
without the garnish

I hope you tell your friends and family not to hate me, hate
gets you nowhere, just ask John Kerry. My family does not
hate you. You have asked me a few times what my family
thanks of you and what they have said about our divorce. I
never quite understood this question, but I think I now do
and it goes to the heart of my problem and the difference in
me, you and our families. Me and my family have not
discussed our divorce. Oh sure, they asked what happened
and I have said I just wasn't happy and I didn't let it go
any further than that. They ask how you are doing tell me
to say Hi to you and always hope for the best. No one, at
least to my face and I have not heard through any
grapevines, and my family has some long and gossipy ones has
said a bad thing about you. Everyone, even Lisa Fielding
has said Christy was a good person, and you know if Lisa has
nothing but good things to say they must be true. As you
know, Lisa is not one to hold back what she thinks or what
she has heard. I wish I could give you more, but me and my
family are not ones to dwell on things. My family takes the
approach that's Danny's business, we are sorry for you, but
you deal with it.

Dave's comments were correct. When someone isn't happy with
themselves or their situation the last thing they want to do
is socialize. Especially in my case where people are bad
and all they want to do is laugh with you, ask what is going
on and have fun. What good could come out of this? I'm
not that bad, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, happy 40th birthday! Remember it is only a number
and you are as old as you feel and act. Try not to take it
so seriously, look at it as a new beginning. A chance to
get it right and to correct all the ills in your life.

Remember, you are the only one who can change your life for
better or worse. You, and you alone are in control.

Give the girls and hug and a kiss for me. I had a dream
about Alvin the other day, he was squeaking his toy and
smiling ear to ear.

My mom called yesterday and wanted me to wish you a happy
birthday and hope all is well with you and your family.

I swear to you I did not call and remind her, she called me
on her own and wished you the best. Maybe we are all

Love your pooks, Dan