Tha CBT- Innovatin' Innovation
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2005-02-23 05:14:27 (UTC)

Tha creation, of Innovation

Well I finally decided to go through with it, and start a online journal.
Now this ain't like other shit this is me, Mark Walker, Tha CBT.
And since I'm starting from scratch I thought I'd give ya some insight on me.

Who am I?...

I am Mark R. Walker, by birth.
But I am better known as Tha CBT.

Whats to know?...

Shit nothin' really to know but I'm gonna tell ya anyway.
I'm 15, male, and from The Cuse'...

I'm mostly into music, I right poetry and write my own shit whenever it comes
to me.

My rappin' is where Tha CBT name originates, see Tha CBT means I'm Tha
Current Big Thing, and that there ain't anybody better then me, period.

Most of my work is keystyle, nothing recorded just written, and shit.
I can say I owe alot of my lyrical growth to such sites as, Icehowse & Break-
Knowledge, but I'm not gonna fuckin' lie, I respect some of em' for the shit
they do, but I don't kiss ass, I hit it.

Though' I do got to thank 1 of my boys, who always gave me much respect,
so JLoC if you out there keep up.
Now I'm talking about myself, good shit & bad, but theres another thing Tha
CBT loves...

So if theres any fine-ass mami's out there, Latino, African American,
Caucasian, doesn't matter...Just do me a favor, If you in The Cuse' don't hold
back, nothin' upsets me more then a girl that plays with ya hormones, so if
you got a nice ass, flaunt that shit.

Also mami's incase you hadn't found out by now, I'm a white boy, but If ya
willing to looking past that, I'll truly do you proud.
And while I'm on the subject of what I want in a mami, body is always a plus,
but that don't mean I want a girl whose bust size is higher then her IQ, so you
want me then you need to have brains and a personality.
Also I'm looking for mami who ain't soft, but don't get out of line.
By that I mean, see I'm quick with my mouth so I say some shit that might
piss you off, and I'm all for you getting back, but don't fuckin' play.

Also I'm not into hittin' up a mami, so if you think yous just gonna have your
way with me, then go find yourself some bujy bitch cause I can see past that

As for interests, I like wrestling so I don't expect ya to be into that, but you
got to be at my level with music.
Rap, R&B, Reggaeton, and shit like that is what I listen to...So I don't got no
problem experimenting with other, but don't be doggin' my shit cause I ain't
gonna change, thats me.

Also I'm in and out of school, I'm not in a regular high school, but I'm not no
drop out, aight?
I'm still in the school district, and I got a job, so I'm not leeching.
And as for other key parts of getting in with me, you got to respect me, my
friends, and my fam'.
You feel out of place with them, then the same goes for me.
I got 3 people who I consider real friends, Kim, Rob, and my boy John Torres,
so If you can't connect with them, then it ain't gonna work...Period.


I got some recognition but I'm still breaking out.
Most are just like shit I write that I put online, or show off...nothing big.
I did do a poem a while back, called "Why Do I Try", the shit was to get
published, but the company that was gonna do it tried throwing all this
bullshit at me, making me pay to get my shit published, so I said fuck it!
But recognition is soft for me, but then again I haven't pushed shit to hard,
and who knows what I could do with a phat beat, and my personal shit.

What ya gonna get out of this?....

Other then pent-up fustration, maybe a good
Naw, I guess probally alittle respect, and acknowledgement, but nothin'
I expect to give what I get, and if I get something then thats fine with me-

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