you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2005-02-23 04:43:51 (UTC)

I can t belive Andrew isn t..

I can't belive Andrew isn't going to see Les Mis. I
completely can't belive it. I guess it will be the first
real thing he'll miss out on and I hate it. I wanted to
quit, but my mom already bought tickets and what's another
week when I've put in 2 months of work?

Today was a huge gossip about boys day. Montana, Laura and
such were discussing it and I kept bringing up all these
crazy stories about Andrew and I... it didn't really help.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I tried to go to bed at 12 but
I couldn't calm down. I was too upset. I miss Andrew too
much. At 1 30 I taped Garden State OnDemand so now I'll
have it, and because it's the last movie that we watched
together and Andrew looks like Zach Braff and his
character's name is Andrew...

Everyone is noticing I'm acting differnt. I'm getting a lot
of "Are you okay?"'s and "I don't like you right now"'s...

No one, not even Morgan, listens to me like Andrew does.
When I tell him what's going on in my life not only does he
actually listen but he cares. I'm telling all of my
problems to everyone that doesn't care instead of the one
person that does.

Over all today my mood has been pretty bland, which is
better then sad so I'll take it.